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10 quick yet effective steps to get pregnant quickly! They have been compiled just for you!

Think about you relaxing in a recreational park or being on a visit to the hospital with friends and while on the waiting queue to see the doctor, perhaps in the waiting room, suddenly, your sight captures a nursing mother with her baby. How does it make you feel? There is a probability that you’d be rocked with some roller coaster feelings, that feeling of warmness, that soft beat in your heart, that unexpected happiness that radiates through your soul, and for a moment, you imagine you were the father or mother of the child.

Peradventure, you’ve completed the ideal number of children you wanted having or your spouse has just breastfed her last child, definitely the above momentary description will make you reminisce on many things- the love, the connection, the unquantifiable joy.

Perhaps, you're reading this, and you and your spouse are thinking of having a child or have attempted in the past to have one but to no avail, this is the timely information to digest.

In a moment, you will be taken through simple yet very effective steps that can get you that dream child. You will equally learn that to your amazement, you can actually prepare your body to carry that baby. These tips are less demanding and have a high chance of assuring success if followed carefully.

1. Pay attention to your diet: One way you can prepare your body in order to get pregnant is to watch the kind of diet you consume and make changes if necessary. Assuming you are a gardener, you will have to prepare the soil for plant growth, one thing you need to do is to enrich it with the nutrients required for normal growth, and this will have to be done before planting seeds. In the same light, do away with junks in form of diet, and replace them with more of fruits and vegetables. Eat healthy and consume fertility supporting meals to augment your chances of conceiving.

2. Regular Exercise: Proper feeding should be accompanied with regular exercise. There is no need to be in a rush, you will not become a fitness expert overnight. You can start with light exercise such as sit-ups and brisk walking, to high intensity exercise like cycling, cobra push ups and jogging. You will be flabbergasted by the difference it will make in your body if you’re consistent at it for at least four times in a week. WHO recommends 10,000 steps per day, you can try covering most of those steps in a 30-minute walk, maybe a walk to and fro church, workplace etc. Maintaining a 30-minute work-out session daily will be a good idea. In addition, going for a physical evaluation at hospital is needful, it will help detect early health challenges be it disease conditions, symptoms and risk.

3. Beat Your Stress Levels: If you wish to get pregnant easily, you and your spouse will have to monitor your stress levels especially in a world where there is so much competition and we keep joggling through activities to meet deadlines. Well, this is the 21st century. Nonetheless, it is imperative to set aside specific time to unwind and ease the stress that might be holding you back from getting pregnant. you may wonder how stress can prevent you from conceiving. You don't have to wonder again, there is a simple answer to that! Stress, increases cortisol levels, lowers libido and sperm count, narrows blood vessels, decrease energy levels and can tamper without mercy with a woman's menstrual cycle. All these are not good markers for getting pregnant soon. In order to mitigate the impact of stress, it is advised that you get lots of sleep, read books, make entries in your journal, and day dream (keep daydreaming about yourself and unborn child).

4. Monitor Your Cycle: Interestingly, with the advent of new technology, methods to individual treatment have been customized. Several apps have been developed that can help track menstrual cycle. It is important for women to know that monitoring their menstrual cycle is one major step to be taken towards getting pregnant. If you are able to keep track of your menstrual cycle, you’d be able to say when you’re most fertile and the differences that exist in the duration of your cycles. Keeping track of your menstrual cycle can help you detect if you have irregular menstruation or not, or spotting etc. which will enable you take quick medical steps. You can keep a diary or draft a menstrual cycle calendar if you aren’t finding the apps easy.

5. Avoid Alcohol And Substance Abuse: If you’re addicted to excessive alcohol intake, it’s high time you broke the addiction and rescue your baby from being born with Fatal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Quit smoking-your baby is at risk of taking in toxic chemicals that have the potency of inducing premature birth. Stop taking hard drugs, this will save the baby from being born with birth defects or still births. Who wants to have an improper child because of improper lifestyle?

6. Make Your Relationship Work: By nature, babies are delicate, soft and tender. They need an atmosphere of love, peace and warmth. They need to be born in love and raised in love. This implies that you and your partner have a responsibility to make peace with each other as regarding whatever issues you may have in your relationship (issues faced from childhood inclusive), in other to ride at same pace. Let go of every pain and hurt, learn how to forgive yourself and your partner. It is crucial that your home is a place of warm reception. If babies were to choose their homes, no baby would want to be born into a discordant home.

7. Guard Your Thoughts: If you plan to get pregnant, it is needful to be careful with spoken words. Do away with all negative thoughts that tend to project or affirm your inability to conceive either due to age or past failed attempts or for whatever reasons, and be more receptive of positive affirmations. If pasting inspiring quotes in your house or office spaces where you frequently pass by or stay will help reinforce the message, do it. The point is, you must get rid of negative words at all cost.

8. Take Folic Acid: Folic acid is essential for people who are trying to conceive. Folic acid helps to prevent neural tube defects which usually occur during the first trimester. A daily dose of 400-800 micrograms is recommended, and if you purchase folic acid from across the counter, make sure you read the labels to be certain that you’re within limits.

9. Enjoy Great Sex: No great sex, even timed sex, no chances, not even 0.001% chances of having a baby. So, get in the mood always, make love to your partner without protection during your fertile cycle as a woman. Whether you tried in the past without result or not, overcome the temptation of seeing sex as work. Instead, create long-lasting and fire burning sexual moments with your partner and see your bond with each other grow. Finally, trust the supernatural to be on your side.

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